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3 Bullets

:: Going back to his room from the Super Mart, Ragnar carried a bag full of food such as hamburgers, fries, and a variety of desserts. They were a treat for himself and Ryoji to share. It was a good idea to spoil his companion, to throw off any suspicion. Things seemed to be going according to plan at the moment, something he was quite grateful for. He had begun to hate the idea of having another failure to add to his list. ::

[[ For Ryoji. ;O ]]

2 Bullets

:: Feeling worn out and fatigued, Ragnar did not need a mirror to figure that there were bags underneath his eyes from the lack of sleep. His eyes wandered over to the floor where his hat was, wishing he could cover his shameful secret. To that, the cat ears twitched. A heavy sigh escaped as he tried to knock his boot against the floor to alert anyone passing by of his plight. There had to be someone on the train that could show a little heart to someone as heartless as him... ::


1 Bullet

:: Being bound to a chair the way he currently was, was not terribly comfortable. His arms were growing tired of being held in one position. Knocking his foot against the floor, he attempted to alert someone to his plight. Surely they were not so heartless that they would just keep him like this forever? Not just that, he had not had a good meal or anything of the sort for days now.

Sighing heavily, he tried to free himself once more. Moving the chair toward the wall, he thought he might be able to break the hold on his wrists if he slammed himself hard enough. The attempt failed and his chair fell forward, landing on the cold, hard floor.
:: No...! :: To his chagrin, his hat was discarded on the side. And he was even more uncomfortable now than before. ::

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